New Management And Zoning Issues For Cascades Grandview Apartment Tenants

9:05 PM, Aug 21, 2012   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC --  After a summer filled with doubt and inconvenience, the tenants at Cascades Grandview Apartments in Greensboro met their new managers Tuesday afternoon.

Tenants received a letter on Tuesday that said Strategic Management Partners (SMP) has been appointed receiver over Cascades due to an emergency motion filed and granted by the court.

In the letter it also said that SMP is here to resolve issues for tenants and improve the community.

Also, the new management team hosted a pizza party in the lobby so the new management could be introduced face-to-face to their new tenants.

Tenants told News 2's Liz Crawford after the meeting and pizza social that there are pros and cons when it comes to the new management. They're looking forward to stability but they're still skeptical.

Tiffany Lam just moved out of Cascades Grandview recently. She said, "I'm still skeptical as I was before. This isn't the first time they've changed management."

"I feel upbeat about it. I'm glad to see that there are people who are going to be managing it now," added Patricia Karam, a tenant at Cascades.

Elaine Rowell, another tenant wants to see action. "We've been told a lot of stuff, but I'm thinking maybe we can trust them. It sounds legit but we've heard a lot so words right now don't mean a whole lot," added Rowell.

However, the biggest development News 2 found on Tuesday is that Cascades Grandview is zoned to be a private dormitory. The lawsuit describes it as a student housing complex with 140 units. It's supposed to cater to students and only students.

News 2 found out that some tenants had no idea this was even an issue. Many are not students and didn't know they aren't allowed to be there.

Now this is just another issue adding to the uncertainty.
Dr. Sylvester Caraway, a Cascades tenant said, "I don't know who's correct in this, we'll find out. If we get kicked out of here for not being students, but we'll see."

"I guess we'd have to move out, whoever is not a student. I don't know unless they change the zoning," said Elaine Rowell.

News 2 found that there are options for Cascades Grandview tenants. The Greensboro Housing Coalition and the Interactive Resource Center are partnering to provide affordable and safe housing for the tenants.

This Friday, August 24th from 4-7pm, the two organizations are hosting a small housing fair just for Cascades tenants. Property managers and landlords will be there to offer special deals and rates.

It takes place at the Interactive Resource Center located at 407 E. Washington St. in Greensboro.

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