McDonald's On Albert Pick Road in GSO Has Fastest, Friendliest & Most Accurate Drive-thru InTriad

9:49 AM, Aug 31, 2012   |    comments
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(Greensboro, NC)  --  After more than two months of intense evaluation and scrutiny, the title of "Fastest, Friendliest and Most Accurate Drive-Thru in the Triad" belongs to the McDonald's on Albert Pick Road (I-40 and Hwy 68) in Greensboro, N.C.

The honor was announced earlier today at a Fast Break Lunch celebration at the restaurant with attendees including Greensboro Mayor Robbie Perkins and members of the men's and women's North Carolina A&T State University basketball teams. Both the mayor and NC A&T players even stepped in to experience working in the region's fastest drive-thru.

Since July, the 80 McDonald's locations in the Triad have participated in a bracket-style elimination contest to determine which drive-thrus in the area provide the best overall experience for customers. Secret shoppers visited all restaurants and judged each drive-thru on speed, customer service and accuracy.

"Thiscompetition has been great for everyone. "I think all of our triad restaurants were winners and, most importantly, our customers will benefit," said the winning McDonald's Owner/Operator Scott Lang.

To earn the title of "Fastest, Friendliest and Most Accurate Drive-Thru in the Triad," the Albert Pick Road restaurant set a record, moving 218 cars through the drive-thru in one hour - that's more than three and a half cars per minute.

"Working in the drive-thru was like being at a city council meeting. There were things going in all different directions," joked Mayor Perkins. "But you still have to get the job done."

After the restaurant was honored, customers who attended the celebration were quick to offer up rave reviews.

"We comehere twice a week at least, and they never, ever mess up my order," said Randleman, N.C., resident Tina Valois.

""They're fast," said customer Donna Yarborough from Colfax, N.C. "They're always very quick and friendly."

The top four restaurants in the contest were recognized during the celebration. Second place belonged to the McDonald's at 2060 Village Link Road in Winston-Salem, N.C., owned and operated by DJ Britt; in third place was the McDonald's location at 1400 Heartland Drive (I-40 and Rte 66) in Kernersville, N.C., also owned and operated by Lang; and fourth place belonged to the McDonald's at 3446 South Church Street in Burlington, N.C., owned and operated by Jody Haithcock.

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