McNair Elementary Contractor Found In Default

5:11 AM, Sep 12, 2012   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- The expected Oct. 31 opening date for McNair Elementary could be in jeopardy after the school board took contractor Farley and Associates off the project in tonight's meeting.

When Farley didn't complete the project by the start of the school year as expected, the opening date was pushed back to Halloween.

Well tonight, the school board voted to find Farley in default of its contract, meaning a bond surety company will now take over and be responsible for the school's completion, said  school board chair Alan Duncan.

Contractors are required to hire surety companies in the event their project isn't completed according to contract. The surety company will look into a number of options to get the project completed as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

Because of the change, school board officials no longer know when the school will be completed. It's simply up to the surety company to get the job done.

The School Board sent a message to parents this evening letting them know about the change.

There is a security guard now stationed outside the school because before tonight, Farley was in charge of securing the property after hours. With the change, the surety company took over all security responsibilities.

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Guilford County School Board

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