Impact of Polling: Do Voters Really Care

7:03 PM, Sep 26, 2012   |    comments
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Courtesy USA Today

GREENSBORO - Presidential polls give contradictory information based on weighting, but polls may not impact voters in November.

When it comes to polling, pollsters take a sample of people based on the overall makeup of the population. They try to get the percentages of each group similar to the actual percentages in the population.

"Weighting is really about figuring out how you make your poll, in what your finding and the background characteristics of the people you're talking to, match what you knkow about the population that you're trying to interview," assistant professor of political science at High Point University Martin Kifer said.

Some say polls can impact whether or not voters show up at the polls. Others think the polls are really just tools of the media and campaigns. They say most people don't care about polling numbers.

"I think in many cases, you have a healthy skepticism and the public is not going to change their mind," Kenneth Fernandez of Elon University said.

He said eh thinks people care about the polls because they might think they're interesting. But the polls won't change which candidate voters pick.

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