Teacher Speaks To News 2 After He Was Allegedly Attacked By Student

10:21 PM, Oct 1, 2012   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- Nearly a week after an 18-year-old high school student allegedly assaulted her teacher, the teacher spoke with News 2 about what happened.

Greensboro Police said a Dudley High School student attacked her male teacher, knocking him unconscious and sending him to the hospital.

Police arrested and charged 18-year-old Khavasia Vaughn with assault on a government employee and assault causing serious bodily injury.

On Monday, Wole Ajala, the victim, told News 2 his lawyer advised him not to talk on camera, but he did tell us what happened to him last Wednesday.

Ajala said it all started when he asked Vaughn to put her shoes back on in the classroom, after another student complained to him that she had taken them off.

Ajala said that's when Vaughn got upset.

According to Ajala, Vaughn said, "I'm going to kill you," and then she started swearing at him.

Ajala said he called for help, but she charged at him.

He told us Vaughn smashed his head on a wall, dragged him into the hallway, and knocked him out, unconscious.

From there, court documents have to fill in the pieces.

According to court documents News 2 obtained on Monday, Vaughn hit Ajala multiple times while he was already on the ground unresponsive.

The police report said Vaughn used her hands and her feet.

The court documents also said Ajala was still unconscious when he was transported to the hospital. He had to be treated for a head injury and possibly a concussion.

Ajala told News 2 he has bruises, ringing in his ears, blurred vision, swollen ankles and swollen elbows. He also said he can't sleep and he's walking with a limp.

Ajala said it will take him several weeks to recover.

Even so, he said he still loves teaching and can't wait to get back in the classroom.

As for Vaughn, she has a court date later this month. Currently, she is out on bond, but she is not allowed to have any direct contact with Ajala.

The school district's policy requires a minimum suspension of 10 days.


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