What Did The Candidates Body Language Say During Debate?

11:20 PM, Oct 3, 2012   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- We certainly heard an earful from the stage with all the lights. But did you take note of what they did NOT say?

We invited Sindy Martin a body language expert, and owner of Smartin International to watch the debate and tell us what to watch for. Sindy gave her top two takeaways from each candidate. She said first focused on hand movements. Martin said Mitt Romney tended to use palms down gestures a lot. That meant he was trying to get control of the situation. He said he also pressed lips alot to try to keep from interrupting.

When it came to President Obama, Martin noticed a twitch in his cheek, which came about when Romney said something he didn't quite agree with. Martin said its hard to stop a twitch once it starts. She also noticed Obama was more relaxed, with more palms up gestures and motions gesturing outward.  

Martin also offered suggestions for mannerisms we should watch for during the next debates. She said look for excessive eye blinking - which is a sign the person may be under pressure. She also mentioned raised eyebrows, which is a sign of shock, surprise but if they stay up too long, there's fear.

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