Melanie Pell Hasn't Lost Her Spirit After Breaking Bones In Her Legs In a Car Crash

10:53 PM, Oct 9, 2012   |    comments
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Winston-Salem, NC -- When you see the photos of her savage car crash, it's hard to believe Melanie Pell survived. It's almost impossible to tell the hunk of metal she and a friend escaped from used to be a Volkswagen Beetle.

Pell has been a cheerleader since she was seven years old. She ran track at North Davidson High School, too. But since that crash on June 29th, she's been in a wheelchair. Mel can't remember the winding country road she was driving on -- or why she ran off the pavement and into a tree. Mel's simply happy she survived and that her friend escaped with only an elbow injury. But Melanie's legs were shattered. 

The 17-year-old's competitive spirit helped her fight through all the pain of the past few months. She's been through numerous surgeries and many hours of physical therapy -- mostly while seated or in a water tank

But on Tuesday, she got the chance to walk again.

Her family was gracious enough to let WFMY News 2 join her at school as she headed to a crucial doctor's appointment. They let us join them as her doctor helped her do something she hasn't been able to do for more than three months -- stand up.

"I definitely have had my breakdown moments [since the crash] when I just don't know what to do," Melanie said. "It seems like there's no end to this. But I see the light now."

The light is much easier to see now that she has stood up. She even took a few steps for the first time at a physical therapy appointment. She'll have to stay in her wheelchair for a few more days, but the effort to get her walking again will get more aggressive over the next couple weeks.

Mel is a senior at North Davidson now, and she still cheers at football games from her wheelchair. She also still hopes to run track again before the school year is out.

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