Underwear Sales: Sign Of An Improving Economy?

2:52 PM, Oct 10, 2012   |    comments
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Washington, DC -- You may not have to look further than your underwear drawer to see signs of an improving economy.

According to Huffington PostThe NPD Group, Inc. pointed out an increase in underwear sales from August 2011 through August 2012. Here's how sales compared to the previous year:

Aug. 2010-2011: $2.074 billion

Aug. 2011-2012: $2.194 billion

HuffPo said that Alan Greenspan used underwear sales as a way to gauge the economy while he was chairman of the Federal Reserve. This six percent jump in sales between the two years could mean good things are ahead for the economy.

What are some products or services you have paid for recently that may show the economy is improving?

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