Connie Hall Stabbed And Stuffed In Garbage Can, One Year Later Her Murder Remains A Mystery

1:07 AM, Nov 15, 2012   |    comments
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Winston-Salem, NC-- A Winston-Salem woman was stabbed to death and stuffed in a garbage can. One year later, her murder is still not solved.

Constance "Connie" Hall went missing on November 14, 2011.

A week later, her body was found stuffed in a trash can. Since then, there's been an intense investigation but detectives have come up short.

There's no killer, no justice, no closure.

"She was thrown away like trash. No one, I don't care if you're the worst criminal in the world, no one deserves to be treated and discarded like trash," said Detective Dorn with the Winston-Salem Police Department.

Connie Hall's death was nothing like her life. 

Her best friend, Diane Hardy said, "She loved people. She loved fellowship and most of all, she really loved her family more than anything."

Maggie Hall, Connie's mother, said she kept her family laughing and was a rock in the family. Her murder ripped the Hall family to pieces.

"I would take anything to have her walk through the door and tell me she loved me again, but I don't have that cause you know she was killed like that, senseless," said April Hall, Connie's sister.

Connie's body was found stuffed inside a Winston-Salem city trash can behind a dumpster on Manly Street. Investigators say she was stabbed, but probably didn't die right away.

Detective Dorn told News 2 he never saw a murder like this before. 

"It's particularly brutal because the way she was stabbed, it may not have led to an instant death so Connie probably suffered for a little while."

Dorn believes that Connie's killer was no stranger. A stabbing often indicates that a murder is personal.

The family struggles everyday with the thought of Connie's brutal death, but anther struggle is the unanswered questions.

"That's one thing that bothers me, you know. I want the killer to be caught because you know, I want our family to have closure," said April Hall, Connie's sister.

"I've been praying to the Lord for justice to come. And I hope God will reveal the killer to us very very soon," added Maggie Hall, Connie's mother.

Police believe this case will be solved. They're waiting on DNA results from the State lab any day now.

Police need the public's help. Detective Dorn thinks someone out there knows what happened.

The Hall Family begs for justice and prays everyday for peace.

"She didn't deserve to die like that. She didn't deserve to be thrown away in the trash can so I just think it's senseless. It's heartless and it's cold," added April Hall.

November 29, 2012 would have been Connie's 49th birthday. On that day, her family is holding a "Vigil for Healing" at the site where Connie's body was found at 944 Manly Street in Winston-Salem.

More Information: Vigil For Connie Hall

Her family will not only celebrate Connie's life but pray that her murder will be solved.

If you know anything about the murder of Connie Hall, call Winston-Salem Crimestoppers at (336)727-2800. Calls are confidential and there is a cash reward of up to $2,000 for any information that lead to an arrest.

WFMY News 2, Winston-Salem Police

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