Greensboro To Launch Pilot Program With Mattress GO Round

7:34 PM, Nov 21, 2012   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC - Residents in Greensboro are asked to assist in launching a pilot program that will help the city and a local business.

In an effort to reduce disposal costs and work toward their green initiative, the city's Fields Operations Department will begin the program with Mattress GO Round starting December 3rd.
The company collects used mattresses/box springs, rips them apart and uses the coils to make new mattress for sale. 

Each trip a Greensboro waste truck makes to a landfill is about $41 per ton of trash, according to Sheldon Smith, the city's Solid Waste division manager. 

"That's our highest cost of operation is disposal after collection," he explained.

With nearly 300,000 residents making trash each day, the cost adds up quickly; which is why city leaders want residents to help recycle one of the bulkiest items.

"[Old mattresses] will pack, but it takes up a lot of volume in the truck itself so we have to go to the disposal site maybe a little more often," Smith said.

Robert Savino's company Mattress Go Round is happy to offer their services. City Councilwoman Nancy Hoffman approached the local company which has been operating for two years in the city.

"By picking them up, we eliminate all that waste in the space and we allow them to extend the life of the landfill and create fewer trips to the landfill," said Savino.

The company rips apart old mattresses, takes out the springs, sanitizes them and recycles the bulk.

"Overall there's an economic benefit, by there's also an environmental benefit," Savino said.
Also pointing out there's an employment benefit as well.

Mattress Go Round is giving people like Brian Whidbee a second chance.

"When I got here, I had $15 and a backpack when I got off the Greyhound bus. Had no where to stay," Whidbee said. "It was very depressing, it was a situation that no one wants to be in."

For the city, it's about jobs for people like Whidbee and about saving the bottom line.

"Saving space, saving time, and ultimately saving dollars," said Smith.

All residents need to do is call the city 373-2489 or Mattress Go Round 676-4646 for pick-up.

And instead of waiting for a bulk waste pick schedule, the company will do a second-day haul.

The program starts December 3rd.

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