Baby Killed In High Point Home After Father Punched Baby In The Face

7:04 AM, Nov 29, 2012   |    comments
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High Point, NC -- A High Point father may have killed his 2-week-old baby by punching him in the face. That is the latest from a Guilford County prosecutor in a death investigation, according to police. 

Officers and EMS responded to a call on Kimery Drive about an unresponsive infant Tuesday afternoon. The baby's body had allegedly sat in the home for about 10-hours before the call.

On the chilling 911 tape, Stefany Ash can be heard explaining to dispatchers she found her baby dead. Police have since charged Ash as an accessory after the fact in the homicide.

Brian Frazier, the baby's father, is charged with First Degree Murder. He's in jail without bond. Both Frazier and Ash are 20-years-old.

Neighbors say they never saw the baby and never heard any screams for help. They also say Ash and Frazier, who lived in the home with Ash's father and their 15-month-old son, barely said hello to any of them.

One neighbor, Judy Williams, says she was surprised to see emergency crews and police swarm the home. They stayed on the scene for about six hours Tuesday.

"They pulled out the crime tape around the house and I said 'oh, my goodness. It's something really bad that's happening down there'," she said. "It upset me a lot because I have grandchildren, too, and I love children and don't wish no harm to come to them."

News 2 also spoke with other neighbors and the suspect's landlord, they all said they knew very little about the suspects.

"[Frazier] acted like he was a little bit, wasn't up to par. But he was nice, he didn't bother me or anything," said James Jones, the suspects' landlord.

High Point Police have not released an official cause of death but they say they have ordered an autopsy.

The suspect's 15-month-old boy is now in the custody of the state.

WFMY News 2/High Point Police

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