Montgomery County Repairs Water Pump, Still Working On Line

6:53 AM, Jan 21, 2013   |    comments
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Montgomery County, NC -- Montgomery County emergency officials say they've repaired a broken water pump but it will take hours before they flush out all of the air.

That means water outages will continue over the next couple of hours and those who do have water will still need to boil it until further notice.

County residents received an unpleasant surprise Sunday when they found out they could be without water for some time.

The Montgomery County Water Treatment Facility suffered from some sort of mechanical failure to its pumping system, which distributes water throughout the county.

Corey Roberts, emergency management director, said on Sunday the outage could also affect  Robbins, NC,  in neighboring Moore County.

Roberts also says Montgomery County was already in the process of replacing the water pump.

As a precaution, in a 911 call to county residents, the emergency management team asked that everyone boil water to prevent possible contamination, until further notice.

You can also check the Montgomery County website for updates.

Montgomery County Emergency Management

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