Triad Businesses Prep For Super Bowl Sunday

11:52 PM, Jan 29, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- Although Super Bowl Sunday isn't an official holiday, it certainly seems like one for businesses.

Even though the Carolina Panthers didn't make it to the Super Bowl, chances are you'll still be rooting for someone or at least watching for the commercials.

And more game day revelers mean more cash for Triad businesses.

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At Party City in Greensboro, the assistant manager told News 2 they've had a rush since the teams were set.

Party hosts like Melissa Wright have been high-tailing it into the store every day.

"I am not a Ravens or 49ers fan, go Minnesota Vikings, but hey," said Wright. "I will go for the Ravens to stay in the same color profile."

"Everyone has the Super Bowl party, whether it's the commercials or just the team, the food or the gathering," said assistant manager Lisa Thoren.

The football food, isn't that what the Super Bowl is really about?

It sure feels like that for the folks at Domino's on New Garden Road in Greensboro.

"I've been planning this for weeks, " said the store's general manager, Kristan Nelson. "Super Bowl morning, I'll be here no later than 8 a.m. getting ready."

Nelson said they usually get a rush of phone calls around 4:30 p.m. on Super Bowl Sunday.

"It's like, somebody just shot a rocket off. It just goes crazy," she said.

On Super Bowl Sunday, they see a 50 percent increase in business.

Nelson said they will likely sell about 500 pizzas and 1,000 wings, just at the one store.

The scene at KickBack Jack's in Greensboro is no different.

"We're standing five deep at the bar. It's hard to even get through to serve food, but we figure it out," said manager, Kendall Young.

"We're bringing in extra alcohol," said Young. "We sell wings to pretty much every table and we get bulk orders around 50-100 for tailgate parties."

If you're ordering pizza for the Super Bowl party at your house or someone else's, Nelson has one tip. She said you should try to place your order three hours before you want to eat, so they can make sure they get it to you when you're ready for it. 

You can watch the Super Bowl on Sunday, February 3 on WFMY News 2.


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