Rolling Thunder Works To Release POW

11:30 PM, Feb 1, 2013   |    comments
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Winston-Salem, NC - Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl is an American soldier and a prisoner of the Taliban. He was captured June 30, 2009 near the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

For three years, official efforts to bring him home have failed.

"We consider him a prisoner of war of the Taliban and we expect for him to come home. Our chapter has written letters, called congressmen, senators, asking why he is not home and what we can do to get him home," explained Cheryl Penn, member of Rolling Thunder.

Cheryl Penn is one of thousands of members of Rolling Thunder. They've made it their mission to bring Bowe home.

The Taliban released a video shortly after capturing the then 23-year-old Private. In it, Bowe begs to be released.

"We're just demanding that the government get him home, they can do it, but it just takes a lot of pressure from the American people," said Penn.

It's pressure that comes through petitions, phone calls, protests, and pleading from Bowe's father.

Bowe's father Bob Bergdahl made a video last year, asking the Pakistani Army for their help in securing his son's release.

"Our son is being exploited. It is past time for Bowe and the others to come home," said Bergdahl.

"We have a strong voice when it comes to issues such as this and we feel like we can get the job done with the help of the American people," said Penn.

To help, Rolling Thunder is asking you to sign a petition and to write or call your lawmakers and ask them what they are doing to bring Bowe home.

The military has never detailed the circumstances of Bergdahl's capture but they say they are actively working to free him.

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