Pastor Says HP Family Needs Prayers, Support

11:56 PM, Feb 11, 2013   |    comments
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High Point, NC -- It was supposed to be an adventure, but it ended in tragedy.

Police say Kenny Jordan woke his family up around 3 a.m. Sunday to go swimming in a nearby retention pond. But the cold water paralyzed their bodies, and Kenny, his wife Heather and her 12-year-old daughter didn't survive.

Some of the family was supposed to talk with WFMY News 2 Monday afternoon, but at the last minute, decided not to. It's too early and too difficult for them. They need time to grieve since half their family is gone.

"It's hard enough to have one person in your family pass away, to have two people would be an incredible tragedy, to have three people is something that very few people ever go through," said Pastor David McGee, the family's pastor. "It's very obvious that they love each other."

And, as the day went by we learned more about what happened Sunday morning.


"In just a matter of minutes, Mr. Jordan begins to struggle, his wife goes in to where he went in, she goes in to assist and it appears as though her and the oldest child go into to try to help Mr. Jordan," explained Captain Mike Kirk with the High Point Police Department.

They never came out. It took dive crews from High Point and Guilford County more than eight hours to find their bodies.

Their pastor says Nikki was supposed to be baptized later this month.

"She was a bubbly little 12-year-old girl," McGee said.

Instead of baptism, her family is now planning a funeral.

"I think the lesson we can all learn from this is life is very fragile. We think it's just going to go on day-by-day, the same way it's been happening, but there are events in life that radically change everything that's going on, and we really need to be appreciative of every day that we are given," explained McGee. "And make sure to love one another, you never know when the person you're talking to, is the last time you're going to talk to them."

Pastor McGee says what this family really needs is prayer, and he says the family feels it.

Community members have already offered to pay for the funeral and donated plots so they may be buried next to each other.

Police are calling this an accidental drowning.

They have requested an autopsy and toxicology report. It will take weeks for those results to come in.   

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