Pope Benedict XVl Retirement Home In The Vatican

8:50 PM, Feb 12, 2013   |    comments
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Vatican-- Tuesday, the future home of Pope Benedict was revealed.

Monday, Pope Benedict submitted his letter of resignation citing health reasons.

The home is a former cloistered monastery which is located behind St. Peter's Basilica. For years it housed cloistered nuns leading a life of quiet contemplation and prayer. The complex is currently under renovation. It contains a chapel, a canteen, several monastery rooms.

Most importantly, it has a library, where the theologian can delve into his studies and maybe work on a new book. Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi told Reuters, "He will not have any responsibility of guidance of the church, any administrative or government responsibility. This is absolutely clear, this is the sense of the resignation."

After sending shockwaves around the world when he announced his resignation it is still unclear when Benedict will take up residence in his future home.

Sources: Gannett News Service, Reuters

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