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FL Woman Shares Pictures Of Being Stranded On Carnival Triumph Cruise Ship

9:14 PM, Feb 16, 2013   |    comments
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-- Dee Tucker shared video of what conditions were like while stranded on the Carnival Triumph.

Many of the four thousand passengers slept in a tent city on deck while others slept in hallways or on lounges.

Tucker said that during her eight days trapped on the ship that she waited in line for about 27 hours and usually the food was gone once got to the front of the line.  So for eight days, Tucker ate fruit for every meal.

Sanitation was another issue on board ship. Tucker had to scoop urine into the shower drain and use red bags in place of a toilet.

In some of the video Tucker shared, sewage could be seen seeping down the walls.

Tucker says that cardboard was placed on the floor by cruise ship employees to soak up the liquid floating through the carpets.

Some passengers tried to make the most of it but all were grateful to see the lights of Alabama as the ship made it to the U.S. coastline.


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