School Athletics: What Are The Most Common Injuries?

5:45 PM, Feb 21, 2013   |    comments
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Sudden deaths like Josh Level's get our attention. They are so surprising, and so tragic. However, it is important to remember these kinds of deaths are rare.

For example, Forsyth County Schools have had two high school student athletes die in the past five years, while playing or practicing. Two lives. Two families changed forever.

However, that is two students out of more than four-thousand Forsyth County students who participate in athletics every year. Most families will never have that kind of life changing event. But, there is a good chance they will deal with some sort of injury.

So, WFMY News 2 checked with doctors in our area to see what sports injuries they see most often.

Here's what local doctors say are the most common injuries:
*Ankle sprains
*Knee problems
*Rotator cuff issues
*Achilles tendinitis
*Plantar fasciitis
*Tennis elbow.

"Everybody hears about ACL tears, but for the hours of participation, it's not that common. It's just that, as a knee injury in a young female soccer player, for instance. It gets a lot of press because it's a big injury," Sports Medicine & Orthopaedic Center Doctor Stephen Lucey said.

Dr. Lucey says the biggest problem he sees with student athletes is that they don't stretch enough. That's why he recommends "dynamic stretching"

"You're kind of moving across a court or a field and doing dynamic stretches as you go. It's just better for muscles. It prepares them for athletic participation," Dr. Lucey said.

Guilford and Forsyth County Schools do not keep a master list of all student injuries. Both districts told WFMY News 2 they've never had a need for one. However, each school does document the injuries and keep records at the individual schools.

North Carolina does require all public high school student athletes to have an annual physical. Many private schools have similar requirements as well.

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