Are You at a Greater Risk Of Being Impacted By Severe Weather

9:46 AM, Mar 4, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- March 3-9 has been declared North Carolina's Severe Weather Awareness week for 2013. Monday's focus is on knowing your risk for being impacted by severe weather.

Each year many people are killed or seriously injured by severe weather, including tornadoes and other types of severe weather, despite advance warning. In 2012 alone, tornadoes were reported in 46 states including North Carolina. There were only 17 tornadoes reported in North Carolina in 2012, but an astounding 113 tornadoes in 2011. North Carolina averages 31 tornadoes a year.

Across the nation in 2012, there were 450+ weather-related fatalities, more than 2,600 injuries, and over $1.6 billion in damage. In North Carolina alone, tornadoes resulted in over 19 million dollars in damage in 2012.

Knowing your risk is the first step you can take in taking responsibility for your safety and potentially saving you and your family's life.

Here are a few statistics about North Carolina's severe weather risks:

     - North Carolina experiences about 40-50 days with thunderstorms a year.

     - While tornadoes can happen anywhere in the state, climate analysis suggests that more tornadoes occur in the southeast, south-central region, and eastern Piedmont and coastal plain regions of North Carolina.

     - Severe gusts of wind from a thunderstorm called downbursts or straight line winds are a serious danger and sometimes be more destructive than tornadoes.

     - Hail is a threat to life and property and has been responsible for millions of dollars' worth of damage in North Carolina

     - There have been 20 lightning fatalities in North Carolina during the last 10 years.

There are several great websites, such as, or, which provide information about what your community could expect to face this severe weather season.

Continue to check in on and watch WFMY News 2 all week long to gain valuable severe weather information. Severe weather season in the Triad is from March-May, but severe weather can occur at any point throughout the entire year.

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