Greensboro Police To Wear Small Video Cameras

11:54 PM, Mar 3, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- Greensboro Police have used grant money to purchase 125 pen-sized cameras patrol officers will soon wear while on duty.   

The cameras can be attached to a headband or glasses. The camera sees what the officer's eye sees. Once turned on, the camera is always recording. But, it deletes the video every 30 seconds unless the officer presses the record button.

"We realized we were being recorded all of the time...especially working in the downtown area. So, having our own footage from the incident was certainly a comfort to me," Greensboro Police Officer Ryan Todd said.

Police will not start wearing the cameras for four to six weeks. That's because the department must draft and develop a policy that outlines when and how officers are expected to use the cameras.

"A lot of times when you go to court, it will be months, sometimes years later that an incident occurred. It will all, at that point, be someone's opinion. Their perspective... Having an officer's insight...Having a visual take of what happened on that day, I think, is extremely convincing to a jury," Officer Todd said.

Video captured on the devices will be considered evidence. Officers will not be able to edit or delete video once it is recorded. However, officers will be able to view the video they recorded immediately via a cell phone app.

Greensboro Police say the video will serve as a protection for officers and the public. When you have video of an incident occuring, it's much tougher to debate what happened.

"The cameras are going to enhance public trust. They're going to get to see what officers do first-hand, more than just watching cops on TV," Officer Todd said.

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