Reidsville Man Stuck on Carnival Dream Cruise Ship

5:12 PM, Mar 14, 2013   |    comments
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Jonathan Evans of Reidsville is stranded on the Carnival Dream Cruise Ship. The ship has had electrical generator problems. Now, Carnival is making arrangements to fly all of the passengers back to Florida.

Evans told WFMY News 2's Mark Geary, "It's got a foul stench to it in some of the hallways, not all of the hallways are like that. But, in some of the decks, it's like that...A lot of people that I've interacted with are upset. Then, you have a handful of people that are just out drunk, having a good time."

Evans added, "The main thing is Carnival doesn't communicate to us. They made announcement about 12:00 saying, you'll be flying home. But, they haven't told anybody what time we are leaving, or what time we're going to get back to the states. A lot of people are just anxious. What's the deal? What time are we leaving? What time are we getting home? They're very poor at communicating those things to us."

When asked if he'll ever travel on another Carnival Cruise Ship, Evans said, "I will never set foot on a Carnival Cruise ever again. I will never do that...I would have thought that after the incident with the Triumph, they would check and double-check their ships and make sure they're in ship shape. When it comes down to it, I think Carnival just needs to be held accountable. They need to pull all their ships, look at them, check them. God forbid if we were in the middle of the Atlantic, coming back to the states and this were to happen. This could turn into another Triumph...Anybody that's thinking about booking a Carnival Vacation needs to really think about that."


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