2 Ohio Football Players Found Guilty Of Raping 16-Year-Old Girl

12:14 PM, Mar 17, 2013   |    comments
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Steubenville, OH -- The much-publicized rape trial of two Steubenville, OH, high school football players accused of assaulting an intoxicated 16-year-old West Virginia girl ended Sunday with guilty verdicts for both players. Judge Thomas Lipps announced his verdict Sunday after reviewing evidence from the four-day trial.

Trent Mays, 17, and Ma'lik Richmond, 16, were charged in juvenile court with raping the girl after a party last summer. Both maintain their innocence. If found guilty they could be held in juvenile jail until they turn 21.

The accuser took the stand Saturday and testified that she could not recall what happened the night of the attack before waking up naked in a strange house.

The alleged victim said she drank a mixed drink, spiked punch and a shot before leaving the party with Mays, WKYC in Cleveland reports. The girl said she suspects she was drugged because of how intoxicated she became that night.

"I remember walking down the steps and in the street. That was it," she said.

The prosecution says Mays and Richmond sexually assaulted the intoxicated girl in the back of a car, and then in the basement of a house where she later awoke, naked. She testified she could not find her cell phone, earrings, shoes or underwear.

"It was really scary," she testified. "I was embarrassed and scared. I didn't know what to think. I couldn't remember. I woke up with no clothes on. I didn't know what happened at all."

The girl said she did not learn of the alleged assault until she saw a photo from that night and a friend gave her the link to a video posted on YouTube in which a student joked about the assault.

When the accuser was shown a nude photo of herself that students had shared through text messages, she broke down and cried on the stand.

"I was just not myself . I wasn't being myself," the girl said.

She testified she does not remember being photographed as Mays and Richmond carried her, in an image that was widely circulated on social media sites.

Earlier Saturday, the defense questioned witnesses who called the accuser's credibility into question.

Gionna Anile, a former friend of the alleged victim testified she tried to stop the girl from leaving the party with the Mays and Richmond.

"She would not listen to me," Anile said. "I tried to pull her back, saying 'let's go.' She swung her arm at me."

Anile testified she picked up the alleged victim the next morning where she found her laying on a couch in the basement of a Steubenville student's home, the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports.

The alleged victim did not seem upset, Anile said, and was primarily concerned with finding her cell phone.

Anile asked the girl what happened the night before.

"We didn't have sex, I swear," the alleged victim said at first, according to Anile. But soon after that the girl said she didn't remember what happened.

West Virginia high school student Kelsey Weaver said the accuser told her what happened two days after the alleged attack then, sometime afterward, told Weaver she couldn't remember what happened.

"So two different versions?" asked Mays'attorney Adam Nemann.

"Yes," Weaver replied.

Weaver also said the accuser had been flirting with Richmond at the party.

Both Weaver and Anile testified that they were upset with the alleged victim the night of the party because she was drinking heavily. They both said she has a history of drinking and has lied about things in the past.


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