Third Sinkhole Found In Florida Neighborhood Where Man Died After His House Was Swallowed

8:19 PM, Mar 25, 2013   |    comments
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Seffner, FL -- Three sinkholes in just over three weeks.

For people living in Seffner, the unsettled ground has left them feeling unsettled.

The good news is that the third hole, which appeared on Lake Shore Ranch Drive over the weekend appears to have stabilized at this point.

County workers spray painted an orange circle around the hole to make sure it wasn't widening anymore and the erosion had not gone beyond that line.

Workers had suggested the families living on both sides of the hole should consider not staying in the homes for their own safety.

But over the weekend, residents returned to both houses, a little more confident that the sinkhole had stabilized.

"Hopefully, it's all done," said Bert Serafin.

Serafin and his family are visiting relatives in Seffner this week, talk about timing. They never thought their spring break would involve a ground break next door.

The 8x10-foot sinkhole caused concern, but thankfully, for now, "No cracks, no pops, nothing like that. So, just monitoring that every day. But other than that, everything appears to be pretty safe," said Serafin.

People living in Lake Shore Ranch might be more concerned were it not for a history of sinkholes here. Wiley Alford, for example, says in his 13 years in the neighborhood, there've been a couple of dozen homes with sinkhole issues.

"All over this place," said Alford.

"It just goes on and on," said claims adjustor Andrew Gordon.

Gordon says he represents about a dozen clients with sinkholes on the same street. It's Jeffrey Bush's death less than two miles away, a second hole a week later on Cedar Tree Lane that forced a family to vacate, and now the hole on Shore Ranch Drive, he says, that's got people worried.

Pictures: Home collapses into sinkhole

However, Gordon says his client list is clear evidence, "this has kind of been going on for a while."

County officials agree that because of what it is that happened to Jeff Bush back at the end of February, that there is a heightened level of concern right now in Seffner.

While there have been three incidents within just a few miles of each other, their records indicate the number of phone calls they've received and the number of sinkholes opening up is not that different from what they've seen historically.

Source: WTSP 


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