Cash In Hand: Amazing Grace Locksmiths Owner Makes Good

5:13 PM, May 14, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- Cold hard cash. Linda Faison has it in her hands. After months of wondering if she would ever see her money again, she has it!

Back in September of 2012 Linda called Amazing Grace Locksmiths owned by Thomas Jeffrey Hayes. She wrote him a check for $143.92 for a part for her Saab. He told her it would take a while. She tried and tried to reach him, and by April of this year turned to 2 Wants To Know's Call For Action team for help.

We tracked him down for Linda and found out he was wanted by the Guilford County Sheriff's department on five fraud charges. 2 Wants To Know told deputies where they could find him and was there when he was arrested.

Through his attorney, Hayes said he would refund Linda's money. He wrote a check from Amazing Grace Locksmiths. She was happy. And then the check bounced.

We called Hayes' attorney. He told us it was a mistake on the bank's part and that Hayes would have cash for Linda. Both statements are true. Linda picked up her money and a letter from Bank of America saying the bounced check was their mistake.

Meanwhile, Hayes heads to court on the un-related five fraud charges May 23rd.

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