More Non-Traditional Interns Are Entering The Workplace

10:50 PM, May 16, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- You may be thinking about going back to school - or somehow transitioning from one career to another. How do you go from take one of your career to take two? Internships.

They aren't just for 20-somethings anymore. Guilford College's adult degree program places many non-traditional interns.

"I was a little apprehensive when I first heard because not it's typical to hear an adult student talk about internships," Joanne Allen said about her non-traditional internship.

Where are these internships? Places like the High Point Police Department Crime Lab, The Center For Creative Leadership, Nixon law offices, and the list goes on and on! Some are paid, some are not.

In 2010 our Gannett partners at Career Builder conducted a survey. Twenty-three percent of employers reported seeing candidates with more than 10 years experience or people 50 or older applying for internships! Employers say older interns are better problem solvers, and Joanne says that helps.

"When you have a little more maturity, businesses really like that. They know you understand how to talk to people. They know you understand how to relate to people better," she said.

In Joanne's case, her internship landed her a full-time job.

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