Kernersville Mom Uses Facebook To Plea For An End To Her Son's Bullying

10:46 PM, May 16, 2013   |    comments
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Kernersville, NC -- A Kernersville mother is taking her concerns about her son's bullying to social media.

Audrey Williams posted a photo of her son on Facebook Thursday. It says, "I have autism and I get bullied at school! Call my school and tell them to stop." Williams says she has exhausted all of her resources at her child's school but says her son is still getting picked on.

"You can get a lot more out of social media. And within five minutes, his picture had been shared over 200 times," explained Williams. "It's sad that my kid got a lot more attention on Facebook than he did in school."

"Sometimes they throw dodge balls at my head in gym and these two guys at school are terrible with autistics," said Williams' son, Cameron.

Williams says her hope for sharing her son's picture on Facebook was to raise awareness about bullying and to encourage parents to talk to their kids about the problem.

"It feels like I've, you know, supported my son. If I'm not going to stand up for him who is? And this is my son, and I can't change, you know, the world but I just want it to be aware, this happens, and these kids don't need to go through this," said Williams.

WFMY News 2's Morgan Hightower spoke to Cameron's school district about his mother's concerns.

Winston-Salem Forsyth County Schools says they take bullying very seriously. Because of privacy laws, they're limited on what they can say about specific cases.

"We do get in a difficult position where we are dealing with somebody who is being bullied, and we've taken action and we've taken steps to address it, but we can't necessarily tell that family exactly what has happened because of different privacy rules," said Theo Helm with Winston-Salem Forsyth County Schools.

The school system also says if it receives a complaint about bullying, it investigates it fully.

But again, because of privacy laws it cannot release its findings or how a student is disciplined.

If you believe your child is bullied, the school system says it's there to support you. 

You can contact the school directly or complete a confidential form that's on each Winston-Salem-Forsyth County school's individual website.

"I would encourage this parent and all parents that if they feel these things are happening, that they talk to the principal and the assistant principal at the schools, teachers that are involved and we will take whatever steps we can to make sure that if bullying is happening, we make sure that it stops," said Helm.

To view Winston-Salem Forsyth County School's policy on bullying, visit the district's website.

Download: Winston-Salem Forsyth County School's Confidential Bullying Form

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