Boyfriend Accused Of Giving Woman Abortion Pill Causing Her To Lose Her Baby

8:45 PM, May 17, 2013   |    comments
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Tampa, Florida --

There's some new information in that disturbing, heartbreaking case of a Tampa woman who lost her pregnancy last month. Investigators say her boyfriend, the father of that unborn child, allegedly gave the woman the abortion pill. 

He's now in jail on first degree murder charges and she is telling her story to the feds. 

26-year-old Remee Jo Lee was sharing those details with federal investigators in Tampa today.

This afternoon Lee left the offices of her attorney, Gil Sanchez heading to downtown Tampa to speak with the FBI.

According to Lee, she got pregnant earlier this year and the father of the baby was her boyfriend, 28-year-old John Welden.

Prosecutors say Welden didn't want the child, which Remee intended to keep.

They say Welden then forged a prescription using his father's signature. 

Welden's dad is an obstetrician in Lutz

There was no one there when we went to his office today, but officials say there have been no charges filed against any other family members.

Investigators say John Welden confessed to getting the abortion-pill Cyototec, and then, say investigators, secretly swapped those  pills for antibiotics that Remee thought  she was taking. 

She lost the baby three days later on Easter Sunday

Welden faces murder charges because in 2004 Congress passed the "Unborn Victims of Violence Act".

That law says that the death of an unborn child - at any stage of development - during the commission of a federal crime can be prosecuted as murder.

In this case, they say switching the pills amounts to product tampering - which is a federal crime.

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