Academy Eye Dr. Leaves Cash in A Patient's Mailbox

5:09 PM, Jun 24, 2013   |    comments
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Biscoe, NC -- 2 Wants To Know Call For Action uncovered a problem at Academy Eye Locations.

Folks paid their money, but were waiting more than 5 months to get their glasses. 2WTK got the money back for two patients in late May.

At the time, Dr. Danford Raynor. He told us his office was switching management companies and that's how the two patients fell through the cracks.

It seems as if it happened again. This time, the Dr. refunded the money in a most unusual way.             

"Wanted to get this to you ASAP. I thought cash would be best. thanks for your time. Dan Raynor, " reads Dorothy Davis.

That note was left in Dorothy's mailbox along with a cash refund.

"We have $140. It's all here and an extra $1." The extra dollar doesn't quite cover dorothy's frustration.

She  first visited Academy Eye's Biscoe office in November 2012. Six months of trips and phone calls to the Biscoe location and to the other Academy Eye locations didn't get her the glasses she ordered or her money.

"I think I exhibited great patience because I was promised by Dr. Raynor himself that I would get my money and I took him at my word even though it took a long time I do have my money."

Dr. Raynor tells us he talked with Dorothy two weeks ago and thought her refund had been sent out. He says he's going to keep working hard to make sure every client is served.



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