Man Charged With Murder Faces More Charges After GPS Device Ties Him to Theft

9:17 AM, Aug 15, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC - A man charged with murder was on out on bail when police say he committed another crime. 

Bobbie Frederick Walls, Jr. was charged with first-degree murder last October in connection to the shooting death of Alkhaafid Nariz Shumate.

WFMY News 2's Morgan Hightower found court documents that show Walls made a $5,000 bond and was given an electronic monitoring device in January.

The assistant district attorney and presiding judge signed off on his terms of release which included being monitored by the Greensboro Police Department Electronic Monitoring Unit.

"It's part of their bond and conditions of release. It's called pre-trial release and basically they have to pay a bond, usually or put up a bond or under collateral and then this is an additional condition that the judge orders," explained Sergeant M. Rakes, Greensboro Police Department. "They have to comply with this until their case is actually decided."

Walls' GPS device connected him to another crime in Greensboro on Tuesday.

Police say he broke into a house on Caroll Street and stole some items. Authorities got a call about a suspicious vehicle and as they arrived on scene, witnesses told them they saw Walls jump a fence and run through nearby woods. K-9s were called in but it was eventually Wall's GPS signal that led police to him and tied him to the crime.

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"If somebody breaks their curfew, or if they go to an area that they've been ordered not to be around, we get both email and voice type of notification," explained Rakes.

Sergeant Rakes said people charged with burglaries, aggravated assault, and larceny from auto are the ones typically in this program, not people charged with murder like Walls.

He says one reason is "because most of the time people have a high enough bond they're not able to post it."

Rakes said they have had people charged with murder in the program however it's uncommon.

"It is unusual for somebody charged with first degree murder to have a bond less than a six-figure amount," explained Locke Clifford, defense attorney.

Clifford is not representing Walls but reviewed his case and court documents.

He says he's seen pre-trial releases like Walls' before and says it's usually because the defendant is cooperating with police or because they could be a witness in the case.

He added, "The prosecutor is not likely to go along with the idea of electronic house arrest, electronic monitoring, if the prosecutor thinks there is a probability of another crime being committed."

For the crimes Walls is accused of committing Tuesday, he has been charged with felony breaking and entering, larceny, and possession of stolen goods. He is now being held under a $750,000 bond.

Four other people where charged in connection with the shooting death Walls has been charged in. Donna Denise Tyson, Andre Cartel Harper, Linda Renee Tyson, and Paris Pierre Coleman were also arrested last October and charged with first degree murder.

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According to court documents, Harper, Donna Tyson and Linda Tyson were released in December under a bond and electronic monitoring device.

In Linda Tyson's Motion and Order for Bond Reduction document, her attorney gave the following reasons as conditions for her release.

Defendant is one of five co-defendants charged in this case. Defendant was not the shooter. Defendant was cooperative with police and gave a statement. A similarly situated codefendant has been released under the same bond conditions.

Donna Tyson's reason was listed as "potential witness."

The presiding judge and assistant district attorney agreed to those reasons and assigned a $100,000 unsecured bond and electronic monitoring system as their conditions of release.

Coleman is still in jail.

WFMY News 2, Greensboro Police

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