Erica Parsons Missing, Investigators Search Home

1:10 PM, Aug 27, 2013   |    comments
  • Courtesy WBTV.
  • Courtesy WBTV.
  • Courtesy WBTV.
  • Courtesy WBTV.
  • The home of Erica Parsons' adoptive parents, Sandy and Casey. WBTV said they were seen moving from their home August 27, 2013. Courtesy WBTV.
  • Courtesy Rowan County Sheriff's Office
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Investigators logged 68 items they took from the home of a missing 15-year-old girl during a search Wednesday, according to a report from WBTV.

According to a warrant obtained by WBTV, items removed from Erica Parson–s home include a plastic bag with JonBenet Ramsey magazines, a JonBenet book with notes inside about remodeling a house, a pair of Arizona jeans with red stains, electronics, mobile devices, paperwork and drywall cut and removed from a closet area with red stains. Baseboards in the closet with red stains were also removed.

The warrant states the section of drywall was tested for blood.

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