Carver HS Students Rally At Football Game After Shooting

11:28 PM, Sep 2, 2013   |    comments
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Winston-Salem, NC -- There might not have been school Monday, but there was a football game.  

The Carver and Reynolds High Schools game was postponed Friday after a student brought a gun on campus, and shot another student.

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Carver's School Resource Officer, Officer Tim Wilson, spotted the shooter and immediately took him into custody. Police say he was nearby and saw Richardson discharge his weapon.

Police say Richardson shot a 15-year-old student he had an on-going dispute with at the end of a scheduled fire drill.

Wilson was back on campus Monday, along with other officers to provide additional security for the game.

The student who was shot is a Carver football player and during the game Monday, his teammates took a knee, and the entire stadium paused for a moment of silence.

"That's why we're here, to say we love the students, we love the faculty, and we believe these students have tons of purpose and we're here for them," said Terrance Hawkins, Carver High School Volunteer.

Winston-Salem Mayor Allen Joines came to the game, "To say to the citizens, the citizens of Winston-Salem that we are 100% behind Carver High School and to say particularly to the students here to don't let this one incident deter them from the academic achievements that they've already got going."

He added, "There is so much momentum at this school and I wanted to say on behalf of the city, 'we're behind you.'"

"We have security here, a great presence here so I actually saw Mayor Joines here so I think its sending a great message you know, camaraderie and that we have everything under control here in Forsyth County," said Tonya Joseph, Reynolds Parent. 

"By them putting the game on today, it lets me know they had everything under control and I was okay with it," said Debie Matthews, Reynolds Parent.

"It just helps the transition back and have this game, its business as usual, they're playing hard, students having fun as you can see, so Tuesday we will have some grief counselors and people really to work with the students, but we want it to be as much business as usual as possible," explained John Davenport, Winston-Salem Forsyth County Schools Board Member.

Davenport says having the game Monday before students return to school "sets the tone."

He added, "It was important that we just go ahead and have the game and get back to normal."

Carver beat Reynolds 55-0.

There will be counselors and support staff at Carver Tuesday to meet with students and faculty. Additional support staff will be at all WSFCS High Schools throughout the week. 

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