A 2012 Poll By HPU Shows That NC Residents Oppose Military Action in Syria

10:24 PM, Sep 4, 2013   |    comments
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High Point, NC- The survey research center at High Point University found that North Carolinians are reluctant to support military action in Syria.

The High Point University survey research center started tracking the opinion of North Carolina residents toward Syria in 2012.

Below are the results from a March 2012 poll:

How much, if anything, have you heard about the fighting in Syria between government force and anti-government groups?

  • A lot                            43%
  • A little                         41%
  • Nothing at all              15%
  • Don't Know/ Refused   1%


Do you think the United States has a responsibility to do something about the fighting in Syria between government forces and anti-government groups?

  • Yes                               22%
  • No                                62%
  • Don't Know/Refused    16%


If the United Nations approves the use of force to stop the Syrian government from attacking anti-government groups, should the U.S. be involved in military action against the Syrian government?

  • Yes                            39% 
  • No                             50%
  • Don't Know               12%


In a brand new poll by the Pew Research Center, 29% of Americans favor Syrian airstrikes. 48% oppose it.

Click here for the full results: Public Opinions Runs Against Syrian Airstrikes

Dr. Martin Kifer is the director of the HPU survey research center.

Kifer said, " I think that the United States has been involved in a good deal of military action over the last decade and so new proposals to be involved in the middle east and other regions of the world in this way might be seen sort of skeptically."

The High Point University survey research center will be conducting another poll this week. They'll have new results on how North Carolina residents feel about Syria in two weeks. Dr. Kifer predicts they'll be in line with national attitudes.

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