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Patients Aren't The Only Ones Wanting Money From Area Eye Doctor

5:23 PM, Sep 16, 2013   |    comments
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GREENSBORO, NC -- The problems keep mounting for a local eye Doctor. Dr. Danford Raynor has met with a Montgomery County Deputy - on the side of a highway - so the deputy could serve him with a civil summons. We found out deputies have been trying to track down Dr. Raynor for a while. Two Wants to Know found two pending civil cases in Randolph county and one in Durham. In all three, companies want their money from Dr. Raynor.

A lot of Dr. Raynor's patients are watching this right now and they're saying - get in line! Dr. Raynor operated several offices under the name Academy Eye Center. At one time there were four locations-- Thomasville, Albemarle, Biscoe, Randleman.

  • Academy Eye is no longer operating out of the Thomasville office.
  • Biscoe and Randleman are only open so patients can pick up their records.
  • Dr. Raynor does continue to do business in Albemarle.


2WTK Call for Action has been working with patients at those offices because many of them paid for glasses or contacts and never got their goods or their money. In just the last week, Dr. Raynor refunded $1033 to six patients. And in all, 2WTK know has prompted him to refunded money to 14 people for a total of $2927.

One of the latest patients to cash in is Christina Hill.

"Ya'll did a great job in getting me my chec," Hill said. "I had never thought I was gonna get it with everything I had to go through with all the runaround."


And there is lots of run-around. Not just for patients, but companies too. Again 2WTK dug through the court records and found two pending civil cases in Randolph county and one in Durham. We did more digging and discovered since 2012, four companies have won suits against Academy Eye for money owed. One Dr. Raynor paid in full $19,641. In three others, he's repaid some money but still owes more than $145,000.


Dr. Raynor told us several times his business troubles are due to switching billing and management companies.

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