WFMY News 2 Asks High Point Council: Should Mayor Sims Resign?

5:21 PM, Sep 23, 2013   |    comments
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HIGH POINT, N.C. -- Five members of High Point's nine-member city council want Mayor Bernita Sims to step down. However, Mayor Sims says she has no plans to resign.

Council members Jim Davis, Judy Mendenhall, Jason Ewing and Becky Smothers each wrote letters to the editor of the High Point Enterprise last week. They said they feel Sims' personal financial problems are hindering her ability to lead. 

On Monday, WFMY News 2 reached out to other members of the council to see if they also feel Sims should resign from office.

Council Member Jay Wagner, Ward 4, added his name to the list of council members who feel Sims should step down. Davis, Mendenhall, Ewing and Smothers' opinions remain unchanged.

Council Member Foster Douglas, Ward 2, does not feel Sims needs to resign. Council and community members have also criticized Douglas for owing the city $32,000, a debt he hasn't paid in 10 years. On Monday, Douglas said he has no plans to resign, either.

Council members Britt Moore and Jeff Golden did not immediately respond to WFMY News 2's request for comments. This story will be updated with their thoughts about Sims when we hear back from them.

In May, WFMY News 2 reported the State Bureau of Investigations investigated Sims because of a bad $7,000 check she wrote to a family member. Sims also owed more than $500 for four months worth of unpaid utility bills. The outstanding utility bill balance has been paid. The High Point Enterprise says Sims owes more than $5,500 for overdue state income taxes.

Sims granted WFMY News 2 an exclusive interview Sunday. She said, "Don't judge me by whether or not, I paid a utility bill or don't judge by an allegation around taxes. Don't judge me by those things. Judge me by the work that I do."

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