2WTK Finds Pricing Problems At Advance Auto Parts

5:16 PM, Sep 24, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC - State inspectors are targeting an area store because of the findings of a 2 Wants To Know investigation. We uncovered evidence you might be overcharged for some of the items you buy at Advance Auto Parts off of Alamance Church Road.

2 Wants To Know picked the store because state records show this location is one of the top three stores with the most overcharges in the Triad area. The other two were a Dollar General in Mount Airy and a Save-A-Lot in High Point.  We went shopping and bought 20 items in each store.

Dollar General and Save-A-Lot had no overcharges. Price tags and receipts matched there. The only store with price problems in our test was Advance Auto Parts.

Some sandpaper left us with a rough feeling after 2 Wants To Know discovered the store overcharged us by 40 cents for it. They charged an extra dime for electrical tape. And another dime for an oil funnel. Then there was a plastic scoop -- priced at $3.79 but it rang up at $3.99. Oh yeah, Advance Auto billed us for it twice - even though we only bought one. In all, the store overcharged us on 4 of the 20 items. We paid an extra $4.79 total.

Jerry Butler is the director of the state's inspection program. He says any overcharge amount is unacceptable.

"If it's not right, it's not right. It's our job to make sure it stays right," Butler said.

Butler sent his inspectors in --- based on what we found.
It's not the first time the state's been to this Alamance Church Road location.

Records show the state fined this Advance Auto Parts more than $2,000 since 2010 for overcharges. And other locations have had trouble too. 2 Wants To Know ran a list of all stores in the Triad where inspectors found overcharges in the past three years. Five of the top 10 were Advance Auto Parts locations.

Inspectors say the past problems seemed to be man power-related. Store personnel said they had a hard time getting all the price tags changed as fast as corporate updated the cash register.

2 Wants To Know called Advance Auto Parts for an explanation. A spokesperson said she's reaching out the pricing team to see how this could happen. And she'll get back to us.

Again the inspector came back because of 2 Wants To Know's tip. Out of 50 items tested he found no overcharges. But there were four undercharges. We also found two undercharges in our test a few days ago.

If there's another store you think inspectors should check, contact the state department at 919-707-3225.

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