Tablet Technology Is Making Beautiful Music In Guilford County Schools

5:14 PM, Sep 27, 2013   |    comments
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GREENSBORO, NC -- You may have a phone, an iPod, a desk top and a tablet. We use some of them for a lot of the same things and yet - we seem to "need" them for different uses. Usually the "need" is really for our entertainment. Well, 18 Guilford County Middle Schools are using tablet technology to orchestrate learning in their classrooms.

Mr. Walter pushes a button his tablet and music begins to play. "Are we going the right speed?" His class is listening to the scale they just played. "Did we play the right notes? Did it sound pretty good?" In unison, the kids say, "Yeah." "Yeah I thought it sounded pretty good too," says Mr. Walter.

Northwest Middle's Mr. Walter uses a voice recorder app loaded on his tablet. No longer does the teacher simply tell them what is wrong or right-- they can hear it and discern it for themselves.

"I had a young man come in before school and we worked with the recording. And him being able to hear himself made a huge difference. We made about 2 weeks of progress in 15 minutes because he could really hear what the mistakes were instead of 'Mr. Walter whatever.' It was, "Oh I get it."

Celeste Kidd-O'Brien is a 6th grade Cello player. "It really helps. You can make things better and if like you're doing something wrong, you can figure out what it is and fix it."

We could literally spend 30 minutes talking about the interesting learning tools on the tablets.  If you're asking--how are all these students working on tablets? It is due to a grant. Yesterday on 2 Wants to Know-- we showed you how teachers can make sure they are doing class work - not playing around. If you missed it, it's online right now.

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