"Zero Tolerance" Policy on Wendover Ave. Ends, Other Roadways Considered

5:23 AM, Oct 7, 2013   |    comments
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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- The Greensboro Police Department and other local law enforcement agencies concluded the eight-week trial period of a "zero tolerance" enforcement policy on Wendover Ave. Officers issued a total of 947 citations, primarily for speeding (above 45 m.p.h.) and drivers' failure to wear seatbelts.

In an effort to crack down on reckless driving and alleviate frequent accidents and property damage on that roadway, officers patrolled Wendover Ave. each day--from early August through the end of September.

Greensboro police officer J. Brian Price, who spearheaded the policy, said the effort was successful. He said there were no fatal accidents on Wendover Avenue during the eight-week trial period and approximately $50,000 less in property damage than during this time last year. Last year, there were 811 motor vehicle crashes on Wendover Ave.

Price explained though officers no longer will be out every day patrolling on Wendover Avenue, efforts will continue with "selective enforcement"--patrolling two to three times a week, or as needed. Price said signs alerting drivers to "aggressive driving enforcement" zones have been removed, but he is not concerned that reckless driving will ensue again.

Price said officers will continue to monitor Wendover Avenue and also are considering implementing the zero-tolerance policy on other major roadways in Greensboro-like Battleground Avenue, East and West Friendly, Market Street and High Point Road.

"After this initial program, we're going to look at other roadways we can use to utilize this on better.  We're also going to fine-tune it and utilize our strategies differently," Price said.

Price confirmed the enforcement efforts are at no cost to taxpayers, as efforts entail only a reallocation of existing resources.

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