Jamal Fox Vs. Jim Kee In District 2 City Council Race

11:04 PM, Oct 30, 2013   |    comments
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This week, North Carolina A&T State University suspended Jamal Fox from his teaching position.

Fox is a candidate for Greensboro City Council District 2. The school says Fox violated a political activity policy, by not telling the university he was running for an elected office.

On Wednesday, Fox held a news conference about his suspension. He said he is disappointed his opponent can discredit his accomplishments and the community's accomplishments.

Fox faces incumbent Jim Kee in the November 5th general election. Kee is the one who alerted the university about the violation. WFMY News 2 reached out to Kee several times today. We haven't received a call back.

Late Wednesday, Jim Kee sent WFMY News 2 this statement about Jamal Fox being suspended by NC A&T:

Given recent events, a response to misquotes and inaccuracies attributed to me within the media are in order, when addressing several issues regarding the District 2 race.
1. I never accused anyone of committing any crime.
2. I learned of Mr. Fox's alleged failure to follow his employer's protocols and procedures from his employer - I was entirely unaware of this allegation prior to Mr. Fox's employer informing me.

There have been numerous misrepresentations of the course of events as it pertains to my involvement which I would like to take the opportunity to correct. On Friday, October 18, my campaign was informed by several persons that one of Mr. Fox's students was overheard saying "I better get my A for voting." After learning of the statement, I went to the director of the board of elections to report the comment.

I did not allege that Mr. Fox was in fact giving "A's for voting"; I simply reported the information to the director of the board of elections. At that point the director of the board of elections informed me that
if Mr. Fox was in fact giving "A's for voting", then such conduct could constitute a misdemeanor. The director of the board of elections then proceeded to have a discussion with Mr. Fox. I have had no further discussions with the director of the board of elections.

Click on Jim Kee to read full statement

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