Before You Travel, Know The Airline Policies

4:20 PM, Nov 1, 2013   |    comments
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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- With halloween over, that means it's the start of the holiday season -- and traveling to see family and friends.

Before the unexpected happens and throws a problem into your plans, you need to hear what travel experts advise during those times.

The first scenario -- a 2 Wants To Know viewer told us she had a death in the family and couldn't make a flight she'd already booked. She wanted to know if there was anything she could do to get her money back. Ben Mutzabaugh is one of the travel experts at USA Today. He said, "As part of these bargain basement fairs that airlines offer, typically they don't allow refunds in any circumstances, even a circumstance such as a death in the family. That said, your best option is try to contact the airline individually, explain your situation, do it nicely, and there's a chance, no guarantee, but a chance, that they could decide to refund your ticket or maybe give you a credit that you can use for a flight in the future."

Mutzabaugh also gave three other options. He suggested buying insurance for the ticket. That way, if something happens, you're entitled to the refund. He also recommended flying Southwest. They don't fly out of Piedmont Triad International, but do fly out of Raleigh-Durham International. They don't charge a change fee, but will give you a credit for the ticket. You're probably not going to like his last suggestion. But Mutzabaugh also suggested buying a higher, refundable fare.

We also got a question about hotel policies. So we asked Mutzabaugh, if your plans change, is there anything you can do to get your money back from a hotel? He said, "They may reconsider these on a case-by-case basis. Explain why you're late or why your not able to make it, and you have a chance that the hotel could reconsider a non-refundable rate. Your best chance is that if you're still coming but just later than you expected, you might be able to work with the hotel manager to maybe push your reservation back a day, or accommodate your check in as a little later than expected."

Ben answered a lot more travel questions, about every thing from baggage fees and arrival times to which airlines are more accommodating when it comes to change fees. You can watch those responses in our WEB EXTRA.

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