2 Test: Crayola Marker Maker

6:46 PM, Dec 13, 2013   |    comments
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EAST GRAND RAPIDS, MI -- First came the Crayola Crayon Maker, but the latest Crayola product creates little scientists with the Crayola Marker Maker.

The kit comes with three different ink colors, beakers and plastic tubes to make your own markers, creating custom colors, labels and packaging.

Brother and sister duo, Tommy and Lucy Cavanaugh helped test it out. Lucy is in 4th grade, Tommy is in 2nd grade. After reading  through the instructions, they figured out how to create the colors using the measurements on the side of the beaker.

Parents will need to help set it up at first just to make sure the kids know how to start the process, but after that, Lucy and Tommy could handle it on their own.

Lucy enjoyed it and said she could see anyone who likes art projects having fun with it, probably anywhere from 8-11 years old, depending on your child. Tommy wasn't as thrilled, but joined in anyway. Their mom Sarah agreed, calling it "above average cool".

Just a warning though, these are not labeled as "washable markers" and it was a little tough getting the ink off even with soap and water. Keep that in mind.

The Crayola Marker Maker sells for around $19 and would make a great gift for any child who enjoys arts & craft projects.


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