Target Victim Speaks Out

7:21 PM, Dec 22, 2013   |    comments
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LEDYARD, CT -- 20-year old Erica Eakin just got engaged and was wrapping up final exams after her junior year in college. When she went on line to check her bank balance, Erica got a surprise she didn't want. She was a victim of the Target data breach.

"My balance was definitely lower than it should've been!"

"and I saw 6 transactions that were not mine at all, at a Target in Harrisburg, and I'm not in Harrisburg!"

Her account had been all but drained. 12 hundred dollars had disappeared. 200 dollars deleted, six times on December 13th.

Erica had swiped her card at her local Target on Black Friday.

She has since worked with her bank to get her money back but the experience still makes her wary.

Click here to read more about what WFMY News 2 Wants 2 Know found out about the Target data breach and what you need to know if you were a victim. 

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