The Process of Getting Your Time Warner Reward Card

6:34 PM, Jan 6, 2014   |    comments
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GREENSBORO, NC -- Getting a freebie with purchase or a reward for purchase is not only legal, it can be a win-win for consumers who are going to buy the item or service anyway.

Time Warner Cable has been offering a reward card for customers who sign up for new service or upgrade their current service. Our call for action team started getting calls from people who said they never got their promised reward card.

Elizabeth Albright emailed 2WTK, "I have talked to 15 different people there and all I get is a run-around."

Patricia Walters called 2WTK  after she waited 2 months for her TWC rewards card.

Lorraine and Bernie Gold called TWC in early December and TWC told them they would expedite their $50 reward card. But come Dec 28th, there was no card for them either.

To get the Better Rewards offer, customers register for the reward on the company's site, pay for service for three months, and then they get their reward cards in 4 to 6 weeks.

Time Warner Cable's spokesperson Scott Pryzwansky says the company has received very few complaints but also said, "would apologize for any inconvenience our customer has with our service."

While Scott wouldn't get into specifics of each of our viewers' cases, he said often times the problems are user error.  

To minimize frustration, Scott urges customers to go to the website:

It has six pages dedicated to helping people with their reward card. The status page lets people check on the status of their reward. And on the website's FAQs page,  you'll notice an extensive an list of questions and answers.

"We're excited that customers are interested in the products and services we have an in our promotions as well  so we want to encourage them to ask questions when they're interested so we can give them the information they need."

It's all about documentation.
Keep a copy of the promo details when you sign up.
So if you have questions or there's a discrepancy between you and the cable company (or any company)you can refer back to it.







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