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Working Outside In The Cold

12:01 AM, Jan 8, 2014   |    comments
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GREENSBORO, N.C. - Take one step outside, and the cold air hits you. These temperatures are slowing things down all over the Triad. Many people are lucky enough to work inside, but there are plenty of jobs that require outdoor activity.

When you get stuck on the side of the road in this weather, someone has to come help you. Tow truck drivers can't take the day off. They were ready to face these temperatures.

"I have on a lot of layers of clothing," Shep's Towing and Recovery employee William Rose said. "Rain, sleet, snow, sunshine, we have to go. We just have to go."

Firefighters can't stay home, either. The job is hard enough as it is, but the cold makes it even tougher.

"It's difficult to move when you're coated in ice. It's difficult to use your equipment sometimes. Gloves get very frozen and wet. It's difficult to manipulate things. We have issues with our radios. Sometimes the speaker will get a coating of ice on it and it's difficult to hear," Reidsville Fire Marshal Jay Harris said.

It's so cold Duke Energy is asking people to try to conserve power. Turn off lights you don't need, TVs you're not watching and computers you're not using. The weather has put a strain on the system.

"If you have a small problem with your car, a hose that's about to leak, or a wire that is giving you a little bit of trouble, it will usually show up in extremely cold or extremely hot temperatures. The same is true of our system," Duke Energy Spokesman Davis Montgomery said.

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