2 Test: Clean Step Mat

5:07 PM, Jan 17, 2014   |    comments
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This week, after all the rain and snow, chances are someone tracked mud or clay inside. But today's 2 test, the Clean Step Mat promises to magically absorb what's on your shoes and prevent a mess.

Who knows a clay mess better than the guys who play in it? Karyn Greer with our sister station WXIA in Atlanta asked Nick Dixon, who works in the Gwinnett Braves equipment room, to put it to the test.

Before the test, he said "I'm not buying the concept that it just absorbs the mud off your shoe." Upon opening the mat, they read the directions which said the mat must be washed before use. After washing the mat, Dixon tried the mat and said he was susprised. "It actually took the mud off my boot, which susprised me to be honest."

The mat seemed to dry the mud. When Dixon walked from the mat to the kitchen floor, there was a little mud left on his boots. 

He said, "For kids, for animals, I could see it definitely, something that's not gonna take the time to actually wipe their feet, it would serve good purpose."

So his final opinion? Dixon gave the Clean Step Mat 2 thumbs up.

If you feel you need the Clean Step Mat, we found it online at Wal-mart for $19.98 and at Bed Bath and Beyond starting at $19.99.


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