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Charged The Wrong Price? Here's What You Do!

4:20 PM, Jan 20, 2014   |    comments
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Odds are you know the frustration of thinking you got a great deal only to see the cashier isn't ringing up the sale price. Or, worse yet, to find the wrong price later on your receipt!

What should you do if it happens to you? The measurement section of the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services recommends writing the price, or taking a picture with your phone. Often, we can see the price change on the sticker. But that doesn't mean the register's programmed correctly. So, tell the cashier if you catch an error.

You can take it one step farther and send an inspector to the store. To complain to the state, call (919) 707-3230.

We want to make it clear, the state can't get you a refund. They inspect the store to see what other price issues the store may have. The best place to get a refund is at the store. Say something while you're there, or take your receipt back to the store as soon as possible.

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