2 Years Later: French Murders Remain Unsolved

3:01 AM, Feb 3, 2014   |    comments
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  • Picture courtesy of the French family
  • Picture courtesy of the French family

REIDSVILLE, N.C. -- No arrests, no answers and certainly, no justice.

Two years ago, Troy and LaDonna French were shot to death in their Rockingham County home.

"We know they're gone, we just need some settlement on who done it, " said Nancy Moseley, LaDonna's mother.

The last update on the investigation came in October 2012. 

READ: Sheriff Page: French Killer Male, Can't Hide From DNA

Rockingham County Sheriff Sam Page announced they had a DNA profile of the killer and that the murder weapon was Troy French's gun.

There have been no arrests and time continues to pass, paying no mind to a family desperate for answers.

"I want to know before we die," said Moseley.

Hunter French was 14-years-old when his parents were murdered. He's now 16-years-old, lives with his aunt and plays baseball at Greensboro Day School.

The sport is a passion he and his parents shared - his mom brought him dinner between his practices and his dad was always there to play catch. 

Hunter invited WFMY News 2's Morgan Hightower to his baseball practice and told her about the dreams he and his parents shared. 

"He's here early, he's here late. He leaves, he's the last one, he's here, working," said Kyle Gilmer, baseball coach, Greensboro Day School.  

Encouragement once given by a father, now comes from a coach.  

"He's a great catcher, he's fundamentally sound and if he keeps working, I think the sky is the limit for him," said Gilmer.  

Kyle Gilmer is Hunter's baseball coach at Greensboro Day School.  

Hunter remembers his dad saying, "Always keep your eye on the ball."

Hunter hasn't forgotten his father's advice, and certainly hasn't stopped working toward the dream they shared to play college baseball.  

"They're just so missed," said Moseley.

LaDonna's parents can't escape the heartache - they live right next door to where their daughter was murdered.  


Nancy and Donald Moseley drive past blue ribbons every day that hang in Troy and LaDonna's honor.

If they wanted to forget the horror of what happened, their surroundings wouldn't let them.  

"Last year we were still numb, but this year, the reality has set in," said Moseley.  

While they wait for answers, Nancy and Donald find strength in their grandson.
"He's a good kid, he really is," said Moseley "I look at [LaDonna and Troy's] picture and I say, 'You know, look what Hunter's doing.'"
Hunter told WFMY, "If my parents were here today, I know they would be proud of everything that I am accomplishing whether it is in my academics, in baseball or in my service to the community."  


Hunter's older sister, Whitley, was in the house when her parents were murdered.?

We reached out to her but she did not want to speak on camera. Her grandmother says she goes to East Carolina University and recently applied to the nursing program.

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