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Kids Want To Know: Why Do People Grow And Lose Hair?

7:21 PM, Jan 31, 2014   |    comments
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GREENSBORO, NC -- This week's Kids Want To Know question is sore subject for many men out there (and women too!).

You know kids, they don't have a filter. If they are thinking something they tell you. So when they see this a man's bald spot for instance, they usually say, "Hey Dad, why don't you have hair right here?".

It's one of those questions that the answer normally includes a heavy sigh!

Zaria asked the question, "Why do people grow hair and lose hair?"

Dr. Susan Stinehelfer from Greensboro Dermatology Associates says, "It's kind of interesting how hairs are grows what we see above the skin but the most action is happening underneath the skin. So your hair grows out of a hair bulb which deep in your subcutaneous skin, the hair forms and eventually forms a hair shaft and eventually penetrates out through your skin where we see it."

in the video Dr. Stinehelfer shows you what Anagen is (the growing phase of your hair).  "On your scalp hair your Anagen phase can last for year and that why your hair can grow very long. "

As for why we lose hair there are several reason why. We call it Androgenetic alopecia which is the most common type of hair loss.

"It can be male pattern and it can even be female pattern hair loss. That actually happens because more of your hair are in that resting phase that we were talking about then in the growing phase your hair follicles actually minimize and get smaller so instead of making these terminal hairs, dark course hairs, they ended up making these small almost baby like fine hairs that you barley see called villus hairs so that what happen with balding when you get older."

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