Greensboro Police Chief Steps Down

8:43 PM, Jan 9, 2006   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- Greensboro's Chief of Police has announced his resignation. After two-and-a-half years as Chief, David Wray says he's stepping down. In a letter sent to the media, Wray says that certain events of the past several months have created controversy that has hurt his ability to lead the department. Wray has been plagued with allegations of a unit in his department targeting officers with investigations based solely on race. There has also been discord among patrol officers over an unpopular rotating shift schedule. In the letter, Wray says he is "ultimately accountable for everything that occurs within the Greensboro Police Department." He goes on to say that while the resignation is not the outcome he wanted for his career, it's in the best interests of the department. City Manager Mitch Johnson says Assistant Chief Tim Bellamy has been appointed as acting Chief effective immediately. The text of Wray's letter follows: To: Media From: David Wray, January 8, 2006 As Chief of Police, I am ultimately accountable for everything that occurs within the Greensboro Police Department. The responsibility for any outcome rests with me. Certain events during the last several months have created controversy. During this period I have at all times acted in what I believed to be the best interest of the Department and the community, attempting to find balance between a number of conflicting interests. The result, however, is that the City Manager and some others have lost confidence and trust in my ability to lead. This is my great regret. Despite giving my best effort, I have not been successful in dealing with all of the issues which have come before me. I take responsibility for these failures, However, with respect to each of the issues which have come before me, I did the very best I could in each decision I made, given the information at hand, the circumstances of the moment, and my responsibility as Chief. I have not knowingly shared any information that I did no believe to be true, no have I acted in bad faith. I have, as I believe the occasion required, consulted with others, including senior staff, law enforcement leaders, and our police attorney. In the end though, the decisions and consequences of those decisions are mine and mine alone. Given all of this, I have resigned my position as Chief of Police. It has been my honor to serve 25 years with the Greensboro Police Department, the last 2 1/2 years as Chief. While this resignation is not the outcome I wanted for my career with this organization, I believe it is now best for this organization. I encourage all members of the Department and the community to continue to support the important mission and purpose of the Greensboro Police Department. David Wray City Manager Mitch Johnson has also issued a statement: GREENSBORO, NC - At 8:30 this morning, Chief David Wray announced his resignation as Police Chief. He has issued a statement, which I understand that the press has received. I have appointed Assistant Chief Tim Bellamy as the acting Chief effective immediately. I have complete faith in Chief Bellamy and have given him the full authority of the Chief including the ability to make or effect the following employment decisions: promotions, demotions, transfers, terminations and suspensions. Due to state personnel laws, this is all that I can share with the press at this time. Thank you for your patience. It is critical to all involved that we take the time necessary to do the right thing in the right way.

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