Prosecutors Ask For Maximum Sentences In Wendy's Chili Case

5:49 PM, Jan 17, 2006   |    comments
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San Francisco, CA -- California prosecutors say the man and woman who pleaded guilty in the infamous Wendy's chili finger case are "grifters" and deserve the maximum sentence. Anna Ayala faces up to nine years, eight months. Jaime Plascencia could get 13 years in prison on his charges. They pleaded guilty in September to charges tied to a plot to put a severed finger in a bowl of chili to seek a payout. Sentencing takes place Wednesday. In documents filed last week in Santa Clara County, prosecutors say Ayala called her sister from jail and tried to retaliate against her son, who she thought had given police a lead. But prosecutors say the boy "remained faithful to his mother" and never told police what he knew. In the papers, prosecutors say the couple shows "a total selfishness and perceived entitlement to other people's money." A defense lawyer says prosecutors are trying to use "media pressure."

Associated Press

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