2 Wants To Know Investigation Leads To Arrest Of Local Contractor

4:25 PM, Sep 25, 2006   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- Ronnie Allen Griffin surrendered to the Guilford County Sheriff's Department late Thursday. Griffin is charged with seven counts of obtaining property by false pretense. Griffin is no stranger to WFMY's 2 Wants To Know and Call For Action. The Better Business Bureau has a whole file on him and now so do the authorities. Here's what his customers have to say. "I would like to have my money back," says Kay Murray. "But that's not going to happen." Murray says the contractor she hired ripped her off. "It makes me kind of mad because we didn't have that kind of money." Kay found "All Good Service Company" and contractor Ronnie Allen Griffin in the yellow pages. She paid him upfront. "I figured he was wanting the money to buy the supplies, but, I paid him $2,400." The money was gone, and so was Griffin. She says he never came back to finish the work, leaving her with ruined cabinets. Kay called him, but got no where. "He would hang up on me or he would just get the message. Kay then sent a certified letter to Griffin's business address. The letter came back. Why? The address is an empty lot in High Point. 2 Wants To Know checked out several other of Griffin's addresses. We found this spot in the woods, a parking lot in Winston-Salem, and finally another empty spot with only a pile of wood chips. Complaint after complaint tells the same tale, more than fifty in all. Customers say Griffin would take money, do little or no work, and many times cash the check the same day. 2 Wants To Know contacted the state's licensing board about Griffin. Back in 1992 the state barred Griffin from doing any heating or plumbing work until properly licensed A court found he violated the order in 2003 and again in 2005. But still, 2 Wants To Know Call For Action continues to get complaints about Griffin. "I just can't afford it, I had a hard time getting that money," says Sandra Walston. Walston called Griffin to fix a leak with her air conditioner. She says all he did was take her money. So I called the city police, and they couldn't do anything. Others said the same thing. Police told Sandra it was a civil matter. That's until 2 Wants To Know Call For Action got involved with help from the Better Business Bureau. We took the information to the Guilford County Sheriff's office. "These guys have been around for a long time taking people's money and most of the time you'll get 1 or 2 cases but these have been doing it since at least 2000," says Major Tom Sheppard. And with all the cases, victims claim they're out nearly $16,000. "Gee, I think of all the little old ladies and the little old men that have lost money to these people. Money that they'll never get back and can't afford it," adds Sheppard. "They don't have a chance of getting their money back more than likely." Investigators are now working the Griffin case and have already talked with him. ??Warrants for his arrest are expected to follow this week. ?? Kay and Sandra know they're out the money, but in the end what they really want is something else. "I don't want him to do this to somebody else," says Sandra. "I would like to see him locked up before he messes up anyone else's life," adds Kay. Kay and Sandra got their wish on Thursday. Griffin did turn himself in, but is currently out of jail on a $10,000 bond. If convicted, Griffin faces a maximum of 2 1/2 years for each charge. The State's Licensing Board is continuing to also investigate Griffin for violating an order barring him from doing plubming and heating as well as air conditioning work without a license. Anyone who has this problem with Ronnie Allen Griffin should file a complaint with BBB and contact us at 2WantsToKnow@wfmy.com. You can call us here at 2 Wants To Know Call For Action on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 11am-1pm at 680-1000.

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